Diversity is our specialty.
The three UMS partners each have years of experience within the defense industry maintaining a diverse group of vehicles and equipment:


fww-logoFWW has a long tradition in the defense business and is a regional 
business partner of the German Armed Forces and NATO. The FWW product range being military wheeled vehicles and armoured tracked vehicles, and FWW is specialized in high quality maintenance and repair of military wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as complex weapon systems. FWW offers full technical and logistical services of complete vehicles systems including worldwide maintenance, training and spare parts support.
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PrintMED is a leading supplier of products and services to the civilian as well as the public defense and security markets globally. Based on Navy, Army, and Air Force operations MED holds considerable knowledge about military vehicles and equipment requirements, training equipment included. MED has developed and promotes environmentally safe shooting range equipment and offers consultancy services of the same such as installation, repair, and maintenance. MED is specialized in correct and safe construction of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Several of MED’s employees are former employees of the Danish Defense. >> MED website



Rubtec A/S is a 100% Danish production Company which supplies the Defence Sector all over the world with high-technology Military products. Rubtec has 28 years experience manufacturing rubber moulded items and rubber to metal bonded items, such as road wheels, track shoes and rubber pads for tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

In the creative process and our choice of materials, Rubtec manufactures our rubber products to be used under extreme conditions, such as large variations of temperature. This makes our products long-lasting and able to meet the high standards which our customers expect, while minimizing costs.

The last ten years has seen Rubtec move into developing many different metal parts, such as high-quality gun racks and gun mounts which meet the battle needs of armed service personnel.

Rubtec maintains production facilities in Denmark, Canada and Germany to give the company added flexibility and high production capacities for all products.

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