Vision, Mission, Values

United Military Services A/S shall be known as a company who is the preferred partner of choice when it
comes to when it comes to delivery of timely -, cost -, and quality optimized total service on older and
new equipment.

United Military Services A/S offers a service concept based on customers’ wishes and needs. Concept
development is ensured through continuous positive and good cooperation with the customers and
suppliers and must be directed towards the delivery of a total service solution.

We are there for the customer
At UMS, we put the customer’s needs first. We listen to the customer and adapt the solutions to the
customer’s needs.

We value our employees
For UMS, it is important that our employees feel valued. We continuously try to give the individual
employee exactly the skills that are needed – for example through further training. We continuously
provide personal feedback so that each employee has the best opportunities to develop.
We support each other and appreciate the internal cohesion, which is why we encourage joint activities.

We take initiative and responsibility
We want a flexible and agile organization that allows each employee to show initiative and take
responsibility. We do not have fixed working hours but trust that the employee takes responsibility for
themselves, their work colleagues and the company. Teamwork and mutual trust are key words at

One comes furthest with honesty
We emphasize a close relationship with our customers, and it is important to us that customers are
always informed about the status of ongoing cases. Similarly, an open and honest tone of work between
employees and between employee and management is a priority.

Our word is our bond
Agreements are concluded by two parties in order to define and set the framework for cooperation.
Whether the agreement concerns a meeting, a future cooperation, a price, a delivery or something else,
UMS always complies with agreements entered into.

We can always improve
The world is constantly changing. Therefore, we at UMS can always improve, and we constantly strive to
keep up with developments. We want an open structure that, through input from the surroundings,
continuously adapts to the wishes and needs that customers have.

We use our resources wisely
Both for customers and for UMS, it is important that resources are used wisely. It is important that we constantly focus on optimizing our business and structuring our actions to support our vision.