Engineer Training

The UMS education and training programs are focused on what we know best: Military equipment! Our training programs include:

  • Training plans
  • Operation of training equipment
  • Training of personnel (mechanics and users)
  • Certification of personnel

Customized courses
Instructor with Students in Computer Lab --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
UMS offers customized courses that are tailored for the needs of each individual or to match the specific equipment. UMS provides quality training by our knowledgeable instructors, fully equipped facilities, with real-life demonstrations, and hands-on training!

Our courses enable participants to understand various elements of operation, safety, and rudimentary maintenance of the specific equipment and at the end of the courses participants will have gained the knowledge necessary to fully operate systems equipment safely, reliably, and to its maximum potential.

Our training courses consist of both theoretical classroom style methods and practical training delivered on the equipment, including:

  • Pre use checks
  • Set up procedure
  • Operation
  • Post use checks
  • Basic fault finding

Training Equipment Supply

UMS offers to supply a complete line of accredited training equipment.